Like most visitors to this site,
you've probably been referred to us because you are looking for a perspective that is more illuminating, more clarifying, more challenging... certainly a lot more substantive and effective

we believe...

that in a world of soundbites, hyper mobility and 24/7 communication, stories remain the fabric that weaves life together

our craft...

is to discover and construct Consumer Narratives that can underpin the deeper relationships and tensions that drive consumer relationships and loyalty

you deserve...

to be confident that each project adds another chapter of understanding to your own brand narrative that will stand the test of time

we always...

deliver learning you can believe in... empowering you to confidently make the tough decisions... and speak truth to power


more than... methodology

In the way that great sportsmen always seem to find more space and time, the most insightful and interesting solutions are only available when you can apply an elite skillset. To this end, we have developed a portfolio of specialised research and thinking tools that are nimble, adaptive and proven

more than... passion for research

We actually grasp the complex nature of the problems you face and have the proven experience and maturity to help you meet and overcome those challenges. We always make a difference

more than... just another research agency

Our team has consistently delivered powerful, actionable solutions to complex and intractable problems for multi-national brands; across the lifetime of several brand teams

We know that our applied experience, dynamism and creativity will always unlock the problem and open up the possibility of a real step change in performance


The key characteristic of our work
is sustained applicability

We are frequently told that our work represents a lasting source of inspiration that is often revisited because it offers new layers of insight time after time

we always make a difference

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